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Arm MicroServer Cluster

The first server using Arm® technology and applying intelligence to manage your data the most efficient way. Measuring 4.4 x 6.6 cm, it is the smallest network server, fully equipped to manage the storage while directly connected to the net.


Why we choose Ceph

Ceph is the most popular backend storage with OpenStack, over 50% Openstack mass product has used ceph with Cinder API. Also, ceph is a fully distributed, scalable, self-manage, and de-centralized risk software defined storage.


Integrate Ceph onto a fully distributed server platform

Ambedded integrated Ceph storage onto de-centralized, fully distributed Arm-based Microserver architecture, 1 host vs 1 OSD, optimize the peer to peer I/O performance and eliminate the bottleneck of ethernet bandwidth.

MicroServer Cluster with Arm

The First ever fully distributed architecture with intelligence

MicroServer acting as Neural Cell

ARM based Microserver with  its dedicated compute power, memory, storage and integrated distributed software, acting as independing Linux server, connecting via incluster ethernet uplink networking. Each microserver consume less than 5Watts on full loading.

Peer to Peer Performance

Datas are managed and processed by various microservers working in parallel. All nodes are equal, with the same level of importance and completely independent. Thanks to the peer2peer like system, our infrastructure can manage requests with parallel I/O and higher performance with microserver architecture.

Scale Out On Demand

The capacity and performance can scale out linearly, without interrup the cluster. 
More aggregation on microserver gains more compute power and storage capacity.
Scale-out on demand whenever and whatever you want.

Storage with  Intelligence

No single point of failure: the intelligence is equally distributed on all microservers.
To maximize speed and safety of your data, our storage system works in swarm intelligence, with self-healing, self-balancing, self-configured, and auto scale out, the way offering an infinite scale out storage system to you.

Distributed Storage Software

Distributed storage utilize the distributed computing technology on storage system.  Every time when a client computer wants to store data, it uses an algorithm to compute which disk on a compute node will be used to store data. Data are randomly stored in disks in the server cluster. This technology eliminates the central controller of traditional disk array. Distributed storage enables the storage system with scalability, parallel I/O, GEO-distribution, higher level and flexible data protection. Ambedded Ceph storage appliance embeds distribute storage technology and advanced data management intelligence to provide a elastic scale-out, multiple protocol, definable failure domain replication or erasure code and storage virtualization.

Distributed Server Platform

Ambedded ARM based micro server uses one micro server to serve only one data storage device (HDD/SSD). This minimizes the failure domain of a server failure to a single disk. Each Ceph OSD and MON has it's own dedicated physical server and I/O resources.
Network never be the bottleneck for distributed storage anymore. Ambedded's micro server solves traditional x86 server issues such as large failure domain, low CPU utility and high energy consumption. Ambedded's distributed micro server platform is the best fit for distributed storage use.